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Why You Should Use Alcohol Flush Products Even at Home

I get red, but does it matter if I’m just having a drink alone?

With the current quarantine throughout the world, people are spending more time than ever at home. At this time, more and more people are staying in and drinking, whether with friends online or just to relax and have fun.

One assumption for those with Alcohol Flush, otherwise known as Asian glow, is that you don’t have to worry about the flush if you’re not going out. After all, what’s so bad about turning red at home when you’re not out in public? Unfortunately, it’s not safe, healthy, or enjoyable to drink with the flush - no matter if you’re at the bar or on the couch.

Hundreds of millions of people cannot process a byproduct of alcohol, a toxin called acetaldehyde, which leads to the unhealthy flushing reaction A buildup of acetaldehyde can also lead to unwanted side effects of drinking, such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Therefore, it’s important for those of us who normally get red to combat this toxic buildup and find healthier ways to enjoy our drinks at home.

The underlying cause of the redness

Alcohol Flush is caused by an enzyme deficiency that leads to a buildup of a toxic byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde has been found to be up to 30x more toxic than alcohol itself.

When we drink, our bodies turn alcohol into acetaldehyde. Normally, this is converted into another harmless compound that can be processed easily. However, many of us have an inactive variant of the enzyme ALDH2, the enzyme responsible for processing acetaldehyde. This buildup causes our bodies to have a flushing reaction along with other symptoms.

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So even if you’re not worried about being embarrassed socially from the redness, it’s still important for your health to address the root cause. 

What can I do?

Simply put, there are three different ways to help your body process alcohol and its toxins and better enjoy a drink at home. These alternatives include:

1. Drinking lower alcohol content beverages. Less alcohol means less acetaldehyde!

2. Spacing out your drinking. Slowing down during and between your drinks gives your body more time to process alcohol and acetaldehyde.

3. Using a product specifically made for Alcohol Flush and the clearing of acetaldehyde, such as Redee Patch. Our patches include antioxidants such as NAC that have been found to bind with and detoxify the nasty toxic culprit of the flush.