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Beyond a clear face, we want to help you be happy and healthy

We believe it’s hard to be our true selves when we’re held back by the flush. We’re dedicated to providing you with solutions to keep you sipping and smiling. 

A letter from our founder

I started Redee because I suffer from Alcohol Flush Reaction. It was tough - or should I say impossible - for me to enjoy a drink and a night with friends and family when I was beet red, hot, and nauseous after just a couple sips. It turns out I'm not alone - around 600 million people (including 40% of East Asians) suffer from the same extremely limiting and frustrating problem.

We worked with Alcohol Metabolism experts at Johns Hopkins and Rutgers University to develop our first product, Redee Patch. Since then, it's been incredible to be a part of tens of thousands of people's lives, helping them enjoy their lives free from the flush. 

We believe that some of the best moments and memories in life are made when we're enjoying time with friends and family over drinks. At Redee, our goal is to create solutions that help you drink healthier and celebrate life with those you love more often.


Ryan and the Redee team

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