Redee Capsule



Redee Capsule
For a happy, healthy liver

It’s time to give your liver some TLC. As our largest internal organ, responsible for so much of our health and detoxification, our livers still often go ignored. Our daily defense / detox capsules provide your liver with unmatched protection and detoxification support.

Our formula is like nothing your liver has ever seen. We started with glucoraphanin from TrueBroc® and myrosinase. Together they form sulforaphane, a powerful inducer of the body’s Phase 2 detoxification enzymes. This includes ALDH - the liver enzyme responsible for detoxifying alcohol’s toxic byproduct, acetaldehyde. We added other healthy, natural ingredients such as Milk Thistle Extract, Turmeric Extract, NAC, and L-Theanine, all of which can help process acetaldehyde and protect your liver.  A daily capsule built to supercharge and support your liver.